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Michelle Scheibel – Kelowna Mortgage Broker


Our high volumes mean the lowest rates for you!

We have access to local credit unions unavailable to other mortgage brokers

10 years of experience with a approval rate of 99%.



Home Purchases

Qualifying 1st time buyers, or people selling and moving up, or people purchasing investment properties. It’s important to see your Mortgage Broker 1st , so you know what price range you should be shopping in.



As house values go up, people have access to the equity in their home and may want to pull it out for renovations, consolidate loans, or use for down payment on another purchase. At renewal you have options to shop to all lenders again penalty free, so seeing a mortgage broker insures you are always getting the best rate



In some situations people may not qualify the day they come into the office, but there may be a few steps they can take to get ready to buy. This is where an experience broker can advise clients what to do, so they get approved vs trying anyways and getting declined.


“I never send people shopping if I can’t get them approved. I always have my clients interest first, never my own.” For example, if it doesn’t make sense to refinance and pay a penalty, I don’t try to sell them on it. I tell them they should not do it.”


If you have any of these questions on your mind, I can help:

  • What is my best rate?
  • What are my prepaying privileges?
  • How is my penalty calculated?
  • Can I port my mortgage without a penalty?
  • Take I take equity out mid term with out a penalty?


Bank have always ruled the mortgage industry. Most people feel a strong bond if they have banked somewhere for a long time. However, the relationship with your bank means very little now a days, and it’s all about whether or not you qualify. As a result, the Mortgage Broker industry has been growing quickly over the past decade.


Contact Michelle Today!


I work in a Real Estate office, so I’m very involved in our local market activity. Contact me today to discuss all of your mortgage requirements:

Kelowna Mortgage Broker

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